What was behind Apple’s mind when they choose the iPhone 5c colors?

The colors have an influence on your mind and Apple knows it.

Look at the color set of the iPhone 5C and you will find that their were not chosen randomly.

We passed the iPhone5C through the Gweezy tests and let’s take a look at the results.

Gweezy 2013-09-09 at 19.01.56

The blue iPhone brings tranquility, protection and reassurance. Those are the same values as IBM and SAP but with a more warm approach.

Gweezy 2013-09-09 at 19.00.03

The feelings rendered by the pink iPhone 5C are mainly cosmetic, desire, feminine. It’s clearly a device of seduction.


The contrast between the black and yellow brings together the trendy feeling of the yellow color and the prestigious sentiment rendered by the black.

Gweezy 2013-09-09 at 19.07.15

The feelings behind the green iPhone5C are healthy, cool and peaceful. It a device expressing well being.

And if you look carefully, you will see that behind the most used applications located at the bottom of the screen, Apple choose the yellow color as background. Yellow color triggers action which is exactly what you want to do with those applications.

By carefully choosing those 4 colors, Apple has something for every individual in its main target group.

And you, what is your preferred color?

Does your website pass the Gweezy test?