How to increase landing page conversion from 5% to 55%?

In an article, Vinay (CEO of sidelines, ex-Amazon Software Development Manager) shares the results of changes to the page.

I will analyse these differences in results using Gweezy (, an online service which enables us to predict certain human behaviours.

Preparing the analysis

Before any analysis can be done, it is important to take the time to define the objective or objectives that can be expected from the landing page.

In this case, the objective is the conversion of visitors, sports fans and members.

Once the objective has been fixed, we will be able to determine the main elements in the page to carry on this conversion.

Determining the main elements to be analysed, the AIDCA model

In order to gain user commitment, it is important to generate an exact behavioural sequence beforehand:

  1. to draw the attention of users
  2. to generate their interest
  3. to create the desire to go further
  4. to provide the confidence required

Gweezy | Website & Usability Analysis Tools

This behavioural sequence can be summed up as follows:

If I attract the attention of users, I will also generate interest and desire, ending up with confidence. Then I will have the most likelihood to generate action.

In other words: Attention + Interest + Desire + Confidence = Action

In this specific case, all the elements are present in both versions:

  1. a good quality photo to generate attention
  2. a “Follow sports together” text to generate interest
  3. desire will be generated by elements 1 & 2
  4. signing up is very simple, requires little commitment and is easy to understand

How can the difference in conversion results ranging from 5% to 55% be explained?

Carrying out the analysis

Initial Version

Take time to analyse the initial version using Gweezy (

Gweezy | Website & Usability Analysis Tools

Gweezy | Website & Usability Analysis Tools

In Gweezy, I create three zones corresponding to behaviours that I wish to generate for users:

  • 1 zone based on the image that should be generated for attention and desire
  • 1 zone based on the test that should be generated for interest
  • and lastly, a zone on the action buttons.

I am currently using the Primary Impact tool that allows for the measurement of the visual impact of the various zones when the user discovers the landing page.

The most relevant zone is the Action zone (100%), then the Attention & Desire zone (58%) and finally the Interest zone (8%).

So why would a user commit to a site of which he/she has not visually perceived any interest?

The aim of this version is to generate Action behaviour without which users would not have perceived the elements required to take an Action decision.

Here is the corrected version:

Gweezy | Website & Usability Analysis Tools

I created three zones in Gweezy:

  • Attention & Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

And here are the results of Primary Impact for the corrected version.

Gweezy | Website & Usability Analysis Tools

It can be seen that the visual impact of various zones when the user discovers the corrected landing page is perfectly in line with the desired: Attention, Interest & Desire (100%) attract more user attention than the Action zone (64%).

Business data: Vinay and its team have gone from the 5% conversion level to reach 55%.

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Gweezy | Website & Usability Analysis Tools