Target User Experience …

At a conference, organized for the board of a European company, I specifically emphasized the importance of user experience when you want to succeed in building an online business.

Everything that follows is quite simple and plain common sense. Nothing revolutionary. But it is so easy that a lot of organisations seem to have forgotten all about it.

Target User Experience - Win win

An organisation has objectives to be met. In order to do so, it can use its means, either in marketing, IT, sales, hr, …

Who is going to allow the objectives to be met? The target group of course!

But the target group isn’t interested in a company’s objectives. It is there to meet its own objectives and no one else’s.

In short, the objectives of one party depend on those of the other party.

The equation is simple: in order to meet your business objectives, you should offer your target group the means that will help it to meet their own objectives. That’s what we call a win-win.

This means it is vital for an organisation to foresee the CONCEPTION when it is developing something (a product, a telephone helpdesk, a website, an e-mailing) in order to generate a maximum TARGET EXPERIENCE, which allows the target group to meet its objectives. This will indirectly allow the organisation to meet its objectives as well.

This point of view is vital: the business results of my team have only been possible because all means the organisation had at its disposal, with TARGET EXPERIENCE as a central point, was used as a means to an end: that of ensuring the relationship between Target and Organisation is a win-win.

In order to anchor the importance of the TARGET EXPERIENCE CONCEPTION, the analogy is the stem of a cherry is useful.

Target User Experience - Cherries Theory

If you take the stem of a cherry, the DNA of the two sides of the stem will lead to two cherries. In order for a digital experience to be a success, the TARGET EXPERIENCE and the CONCEPTION must be two fruits of the same DNA.

In nature, we can’t grow a cherry on one side and a tomato on the other. But in the business world, it is quite common. If an organisation conceives an experience that is disconnected from the users’ objectives, it will harvest something different than it had foreseen.

Target User Experience - Cherries and Tomatoes

It is this DNA ‘against nature’ that prevents organisations to realise their online objectives.

Target User Experience - User Manager Happy

The results can easily be observed. If an organisation is not satisfied with its online results, the overall target group probably hasn’t been able to realise its objectives in its dealings with the organisation. It will probably be able to do so with another organisation that has thought about TARGET EXPERIENCE CONCEPTION.

The fundamental notion that allows organisations to create a strong Target Experience is to understand human behaviour.

Target User Experience - 95% unconscious behavior

All principles of a successful TX Conception is based on the automatic analysis of human beings:

–       Current behaviour

–       Habits

–       Behaviour that the organisation wants to generate.