Thanks 837 times

I’m back after a hard month of personal difficulties.

I would like to thank all those who have read my articles and gone through my blog …

I now have more than 837 regular readers. This is such a great feeling… So thank you all again.

March 2009-Thanks

Thank you so much !

This will enable me to start on a mission that has always been close to my heart: “making the digital life simple for millions of people™”. ©Netway

We will soon be among the thousands worldwide who are keen to have the User Experience which has its own know-how, methods, tools and enhanced expertise.

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  • I find your posts refreshing and it allows me to keep in mind the basic principles. Coming from a cognitive science perspective, it’s interesting to get back to these basics of cognition from time-to-time. Keep up the good work. I try to spread the word through twitter etc. to help you reach 1k (and counting) readers soon 😉


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