Stop to Jakob Nielsen’s ROI

I am very surprised to see how many people use Jakob Nielsen’s return on investment numbers to justify the contribution of usability or ergonomics to their clients. 

Clients don’t want to know Jakob Nielsen has done a nice survey. They want to choose with whom to work in function of the results the experts of the different companies have booked. 

Today, apart from the mention of this Jakob Nielsen survey, I know but few companies who have succeeded in presenting results of former missions. 

Being an expert in behavioural sciences automatically means you need to measure results to evolve and to make clients understand how an in-depth knowledge of behavioural sciences plays a strategic role in the war of the interfaces of today. 

Our profession must evolve, become more mature, using proven methods, specific tools, an impressive fundamental knowledge of the perceptivo-cognitive system. 

Each time I see there is one more reader of these posts, I can see how things are indeed making progress. 

Have a nice week.


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