Let me express my thanks to all of you.

Since June, I have launched myself into the blogosphere so as to share my enthusiasm as an optimum user. 

I would like to thank all those who have read my articles and gone through my blog …

After four months, I now have more than 185 regular readers. This is such a great feeling… So thank you all again.

Thank you so much !

This will enable me to start on a mission that has always been close to my heart: “making the digital life simple for millions of people™”. ©Netway

We will soon be among the thousands worldwide who are keen to have the User Experience which has its own know-how, methods, tools and enhanced expertise.  

I need your advice

I was extremely hesitant about allowing readers to send in comments due to a lack of time to manage them. With the enormous work load linked to the position of CEO, there is little time left for this task.  

Moreover, as a junior blogger I have seen many advanced bloggers who have to deal with time-consuming comments which are often worthless or even aggressive.

I would like to have your feedback about a way of opening up my blog to comments in an intelligent manner to make the bloggers’ community even more special.

You can now let me have your comments so that I can get some feedback…

Thanks to Max who convince me to go that way.

Thank you in advance for our young community.