Netway Interface Sweet Spot ™

There are many techniques to build screens. 

A couple of weeks ago, I already shared with you the results of my research on the Netway Interface Comfort Zone. Today, I want to talk more about another technique: the Netway Interface Sweet Spot. 

The analysis of thousands of eye movements over the last years has allowed us to define the zone most users will look at during the first seconds they are visiting a site. 

This discovery is important to validate a series of concepts based on a thorough knowledge of the human vision mechanism (spread of the cones on the retina, binocular vision field,…).

Many designers, photographers, painters,… use composition principles to make their work. Some of them do this intuitively whereas other will apply known principles. In every case, it is interesting to know that if these principles have been used, the work can often count on unanimous appreciation by the public. 

What would be the reason behind that? It’s simple: the work uses the physiological principle of human vision. 

Experts in behavioural sciences also use these principles to build website screens. 

I would know like you to meet a zone that will help you when designing screens: please meet the Netway Interface Sweet Spot. 

Netway Interface Sweet Spot - Golden Number Separation

Let’s start by dividing the screen by applying the golden rule to the width and the height of the screen. 

Netway Interface Sweet Spot - Harmonics

Let’s now define the harmonics of these zones (diagonal lines of the golden rectangles).

Netway Interface Sweet Spot - Incomfort Zone placement

Let’s add to that the Incomfort Zone (based on the work of the Netway Interface Comfort Zone). 

Netway Interface Sweet Spot

And there’s the Netway Interface Sweet Spot, the zone our eye will naturally visit. This is done in a non-conscious manner and will be the first zone we look at when visiting a page. 

I suppose that by now, you’re no longer underestimating the power of behavioural science, are you? 😉

Here’s a proposal for you: check the screens you have already made and check how you can improve them using this new information. 

I wish you an excellent week!

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The name “Netway Interface Sweet Spot” and the concept behind the name is protected by the iDEPOT002822.


  • paul neervoort

    Hi Marc,

    I never underestimated the behavioral siences, being a Psychologist myself 🙂
    This is good stuff. One question though. How do you define the golden rules on a web page? based on screen size there is another one than if you take the entire web page if that one is larger than the visible screen part?

  • Hi Marc,
    very interesting article. But i would like to know too how do you define the golden rules on a web page?


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