Is it really companies who failed in Customer Experience implementation?

In my line of work, a macro and global vision on Customer Experience Failures allows me to see the evolution of the maturity of companies’ digital solutions. That’s why I wish to thank the Forrester team (Bruce Temkin) for their work in this domain. 

An analysis of their data, however, reveals the situation improves but slightly or not at all, over the last couple of years. All reports show companies don’t succeed in delivering the best results. 

This leads me often to the same question. 


  1. the fact that we live in an ever-expanding usability market,
  2. the impressive number of people having followed (or who are about to follow) guru seminars on usability,
  3. the impressive number of ergonomics specialists, customer experience architects in the Internet domain,

… how is it possible that the clients of these service providers still fail in delivering an optimum customer experience? 

I found the answer to that question two years ago, when we started working for the so-called Switchers, clients who used to work with usability specialists and later on switched to working with us. Here’s how they see it: 

“Very few Internet services suppliers are capable of creating an optimum user experience for their clients. For me, it’s not the companies that are bad students, but their suppliers who don’t do the necessary coaching or who don’t act as teachers.”

If companies would know how to generate an optimum user experience, they would do so. Simply because that’s the way to win the battle on the Internet. The Switcher clients have all taught us the same thing: that usability needs to be put centre is an easy sell, but concrete results are still a far way away from us. 

If you want to become a tax consultant, you need to study. It is a complicated and protected profession. The same goes for GPs: not only have doctors studied, their profession is also complicated and protected…

Usability however requires no training, is easy to learn and is not a protected profession. The conclusion is the result of the Forrester survey: Customer Experience Failures continue to live. 

Customer Experience Failures

All mature companies that want to obtain concrete business results no longer use the guidelines and/or recipe lists and have understood why working with behaviour specialists is worthwhile. 

I would be delighted to discuss all this with Forrester in order to supplement their reports with concrete action and to make the digital life of millions of users easier and nicer.

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