Human Behavior Expert

Digitize User Experience

IDC has analyzed the evolution of the digitization since the seventies and has identified three consecutive waves in the digitization of our lives. 

Here are the trends… 

First the back-offices and front offices have been digitized. Afterwards, digital tools have been integrated into more and more domains, with more and more choice in devices, which have become more integrated and smaller in size. 

People want to use digital products easily. They shouldn’t be required to spend time learning how the device works. This is what we call the wave of the “Digitize User Experience”. Interfaces become the core of differentiation between products. Hardware and software should be forgotten in aid of user experiences. 

Each wave leads to a new kind of expertise. For the “Digitize User Behaviour” wave, the new expert is the Human Behaviour Expert, a professional capable of building winning interfaces. 

To do so, he needs the right methodology. 

IT and marketing are still as important as ever but companies who want to differentiate themselves need to build efficient interfaces that are easy to use. User experience is at the core of success, whereas IT and marketing are used as means to generate an optimum user experience. 

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